Friday, August 12, 2011

I love being married!!!

Michael drew this picture for me a few nights ago while I was stressing for a big final. He wanted so badly to find a way to cheer me up and this made me laugh out loud. It's me riding on a camel with 3 humps with my backpack behind me. I have recently discovered a new found love for camels. They are my new favorite animal. Did you know racing camels can run as fast as 40 mph? If they run 8 mph they can go for 17 hours! Camels are very strong and resourceful. I am trying to be more like a camel, trudging through the hot winds of temptation armed with my filled testimony on my "back" :) Anyway, enough about camels.
Before I left for school the other day, Michael made me a sandwich and packed it with a kiss in my backpack. "Save that for later" he said (referring to the kiss.)
I love my husband and I love being married. I am so lucky to have Michael and to go through our trials together. These are happy times for us.