Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day by Day

Life is a journey, or so many have said. Though one's experiences are unique, as are their fingerprints, people have a lot in common. All people have goals in life and those goals lead to a destination.
I'm sure you already know this. What I have noticed is that we form a "model" for how our life should be and what we need to do in order to go from here to there. So if I have a well-paying job then I will have lots of money and that means I will have lots of friends and lots of happiness. In our minds it's like an equation. A+B=C. We feel the same about forgiveness. "If I say I am sorry and work to make things right, then the person that I wronged will forgive me.
But things don't work out like that all the time. Sometimes people are not able to forgive and money certainly does not bring happiness.
However, it is not the destination, or the "C", that brings happiness. It is the process. Happiness comes through loving every moment of the journey and having gratitude for this beautiful gift of a life and other beautiful lives that we can touch.
I believe that the turning point in depression and the only way to proceed to a full recovery from depression is to look at yourself, accept what you see, and say to yourself "I love myself despite my flaws and imperfections because I am a child of God and He loves me."

Here is a presentation that changed not only my outlook on life but my life as a whole. I hope that it may have the same impact on you as well.



  1. Jessica, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for including the link. I enjoyed watching the talk, and it has given me food for thought.

  2. Your mom showed me that Rao talk when they were here for the baptism. I thought it was insightful. I have the habit of wishing away the present to hurry up and get to the "better" future. So I'm trying harder to enjoy the journey. I chant "enjoy the journey" several times a day--when I see the trees in blossom, when I see sunshine pouring in the window, when I hear Grandpa sing in the shower and so on and on.

    You're right about money does not bring happiness. Some of our happiest times were when Grandpa was still in school and we couldn't even afford a phone.

    And the repentance thing--what a beautiful principle in our gospel! How awful it would be if our sins just stacked up and would couldn't get rid of them. I'm so grateful for the atonement. I know forgiving others and especially ourselves brings happiness.

    Jessica, I like the way you express yourself through writing. We're getting to know you better through your writings.

  3. Great post. I went and got Srikumar Rao's book from the library and am enjoying it. Very insightful. I wish I'd learned some of this stuff when I was younger!

  4. I cant wait to read it! I didn't know he had written a book till I saw your post. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! :)