Friday, April 9, 2010

We are all God's flowers

I have developed a sudden affinity of and a compulsive desire to keep plants. It's really weird. In the past every time I walk by a potted flower or hanging basket of ferns I would think, "oh! They're so lovely! But think of all the other lovely plants you've killed. However, with the flourishing new growth (that has struggled through Bend's bipolar weather) I felt inspired to give myself a second chance at gardening. I now have a lovely azalea tree, lilies, ivy (my favorite!), and miniature daffodils as well as an assortment of neglected plants from around my house, which I am attempting to resuscitate. But amid the clatter of clay pots and fresh potting soil, I have learned a lovely little lesson. When I was sixteen, I used to wonder about the point of life and what the value of a life was. Through planting and tending my "indoor garden" I have come a fraction closer to an understanding of why Heavenly Father wanted me around in the first place. Maybe Heavenly Father is like a skilled gardener. He has given everyone unique abilities and talents like the varying colors of flower petals and He wants each and every one of us to grow and be strong in the foundation that He has provided for us. I think it brings Him joy to see us excel and grow in each of our colors, shapes, and sizes. But when we struggle and begin to wilt spiritually, He is always there with nutrients and a kind, listening ear.


  1. You're blossoming in your little corner of His garden.

  2. It's fun to see you bloom, J. Your posts are amazing! So uplifting and insightful. Thanks for blogging. Love ya!

  3. That was great Jessica, thank you for putting it that way. I really enjoyed it and I am glad you are enjoying gardening so much. This is my favorite time of year when everything is green and the flowers are beginning to bloom. New life and a chance to change and start over!